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Guide to Ibiza island, famous for its nightlife scene, well-known for its natural beauty and.......
although its a small island it is notorious for spending hours of searching for this one special Ibiza location, or address, that visitors really wish to see..... but can’t find........without a guide.

Ibiza Guide accompanies you to Ibiza locations such as, the spot that’s called Atlantis, much talked about, but never exactly pointed out by locals, or beautiful hidden coves & beaches in the northern part of the white island, its unique cultural heritage displayed in amazing historic monuments, such as the capital’s fortressed Old City and Las Salinas - salt lake - with authentic Moorish mills - Molas, in Catalan - and defense towers, that provide stunning views over the Mediterranean and the island.
Ibiza Guide
knows all the places of interest spread over the island, location scouting is superfluous, as they all are residents to Ibiza, and consider it their home and as a result they perfectly know their way around and are capable of giving the best advise for all kinds of events or things to do. 

IBIZA GUIDE to Ibiza HistoryIBIZA GUIDE to Las Salinas - Ibiza Salt LakeIBIZA GUIDE to Historic defense towersIBIZA GUIDE to flowering Almond orchards

This Balearic island is small but tourists need quite some time to explore its explicit beauty.
One stay is not enough to experience it all, rural beauty, over 70 stunning beaches as well as the nightlife & shops, wellness spas & healing retreats, Ibiza has many, many interesting things to offer.

Every Ibiza Guide provides services in various languages, from Spanish, Catalan, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese to Dutch and make sure you will understand all about the interesting history of this former island of pirates.
An Ibiza Guide accompanies Ibiza Excursions or sightseeing tours for both groups and individuals, committed to every request and what ever the interest of the visitor is.

From a:  
- Full or Half day tour visiting the most outstanding spots of Ibiza island.
- Full day tour to neighboring island Formentera.
- Night tour to the capital Ibiza-Town, to experience the old town and port area with its
  cosmopolitan nightlife and shops.
  to tailored made arrangements on request
  - Individual sightseeing tours or informative excursions for small groups, such
  as bird watching, architecture, nightlife, remote beaches and islands
  or simply the amazing beauty of their beloved Ibiza island.


- Asociación Profesional de Informadores Turísticos de Ibiza y Formentera -


The best way to explore Ibiza island is by guided tour.
Official & Certified IBIZA GUIDES offer their services to help you to get to know the most interesting spots of the island and share their extended knowledge of its history and culture.


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